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Also, being smart will break the dumb girl stereotype. The Red Dragon aka Brine is also a very good example. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4.

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It makes her body look more child like. I get the cringyness. She has always been cringey but never milky. Make sure you mix some weight training in there so you aren't flabby. Like she does talk kinda cutesy, it's just less obnoxious than in English. If anything, school was just to keep her preoccupied until then. She is playing at being a housewife. Do not confuse this with Complete Monster , which is more about evil than physical monstrousness, especially since a Complete Monster isn't necessarily a literal monster.

Not even in a funny way, just sad. It's so boring. Posted 7 Oct We need to find ways to help them, cause they desperately want and need it. She thinks she can "rock" every asian style but it just comes off as stupid looking. Please delete the comment, at least…. You'd think she would like atleast 1 nice thing to splurge out on, Dress, Cake, Venue, whatever.

To create this article, 20 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Just eat small proportions and those extra pounds will fall off. I feel like I suddenly turn into a carrot or something. Retrieved 11 December This is not what skin whitening is about.

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But isn't it a bit debilitating to live life like that? It was safe to say he Came Back Wrong. Bad vibes all round.

And we see more planes now; the Astral Plane, the Plane of Thought, the Elemental Planes, all twelve Planes that make up our Planar System moving in perfect orbit, perfect synchronicity, sustaining each other in a meticulous, demanding dance. Developing a middle-aged spread, yes.

Her voice pitch is inconsistent like she doesnt know what to do with her tone. Why even post this video? They're simply an old ugly man dating a slightly younger but also old looking woman, so stop lowkey whiteknighting her, just because she's a defenseless, jailbait little asian girl; she bee living in the US for a very long time, she knows fully well what she's doing.

Something has to be up. I don't see any milk and she's not even fun to hate on, I genuinely feel bad for her reading through this thread and all anyone says is how creepy her husband is, how wide her face is, how bad her engrish is, how bad her thumbnails are, how she buys things from cheap chinese sites, etc etc. Alternative Title s: Try not to edit your pictures that much, this only causes drama and controversy.

Yumi doesn't seem motherly since she comes off as airheaded and irresponsible, and Splenda doesn't appear fatherly aside from how old he looks. Take pictures with your cute friends and upload them. Why don't you fuck off back to tumblr, handmaiden?