Airway Clearance Devices for COPD

I don't think anyone has mentioned the pari-pep device yet.

He hates it, but it does the job. Does anyone else have this problem at their clinic? She then had a call from the consultant - who agreed it was needed 24hours.

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I really wish the Vibralung was able to be disinfected better. I am going to call today. I have put up a couple of links of company's where you can obtain the Acapella Choice which is the model they would give you in hospital. Thank you very much!

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The vibration from the massager does thin the mucous, but you have to be careful when you use it, not to hit bony parts and keep the setting pretty low. I still do not know what is happening, as I do not know what that something else is' as the physio cannot be bothered to come and see us or even lift up the 'phone. I first read about the Electro Flo on this forum, so the credit goes to those who share on this forum.: Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.

Last medically reviewed: Just a word of warning about getting an Electro Flo Please try again.

Airway Clearance Devices for People With COPD

Basically, the first breath begins to mobilize your small airway mucous. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give my opinion.

Hello Sweetthing, Have you informed the firebrigade that you have oxygen in the house? It feels good to be right. Alternately, you can post a message on a COPD community board to get insights from others who may have used a device.

Its a great way to be in the "know". I agree with your list from top to bottom in terms of coughing up mucus. Evidence suggests doing pelvic floor muscle exercises is an effective treatment.

Acapella, Flutter, Vest, or Manual CPT

They look at it and go "uh-huh" and put it back in the bag. I guess I am wondering how these can be sterilized too especially when traveling with a mask and tubes, etc.?? Community Guidelines. Follow Write.