What Does the Term "unremarkable" Mean in Medicine?

What else can be done for my chronic severe nerve pain? I will speak with my orthodontist too, she may be able to help. In the absence of other osteoblastic or osteolytic pathology, this is most consistent with active degenerative osteoarthrosis.

There had been no use of acupuncture, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, or any manual therapies for this condition. The addendum identified their length at 42 mm and 38 mm - certainly "remarkable" but he would not have made note had I not asked specifically. Published online Jan The person reading the scan has to be aware of Eagles, otherwise they can easily overlook it.

Unremarkable During and After

Follow-up at 3 weeks shows complete fracture of the distal shaft of the 4th metatarsal with overt periosteal reaction. While this complaint may be the result of any of a number of pathologies, the vast majority of low back pain falls under the diagnostic umbrella of '' mechanical low back pain '' [ 2 ].

Gracious - My comment here is based on the assumption your CT scan was a 3D. Stress fractures usually occur after a recent change in training regimen has taken place.

Diagnosing Hip Pain

Open in a separate window. On the left a year old male athlete with a high weekly mileage. Julie, I was told this by the radiology specialist at an imaging centre here in Vancouver that caters to dentists, orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons. But radiologists know that clinicians know that no pathology can be excluded with absolute certainty. Best Answer: Insidious onset of pain and swelling over the affected region is the most important complaint, initially during the activity.

Corresponding CT shows a fracture line and sclerosis on the axial images and coronal reconstructions. The term "unremarkable" is not included in Stedman, but I am familiar with it from my experience in medical translation. I have been on the search for the right scan and had thought that the cone beam would give me the answer I needed for diagnosis, but didn't know why.

Figure 5. Red Pill. No "significant stenosis" means that there are no areas that your spinal cord or spinal nerve roots are being compressed, which is also a good thing.

You have to speak with your dentist", so their must be some regulations regarding this in the US as well. Important Disclaimer: Answer I'm glad to hear that you plan to return to your primary doctor to discuss the results of your MRI, because this type of advanced imaging is only helpful when interpreted in the context of your individual symptoms and physical exam findings.

We recently had one in here Canada regarding Mammograms that were wrongly labelled as "Cancer Free". Hedgeless, be consistent and say "normal. Support Center Support Center. Since this concept seems pretty basic Radiology , shouldn't all parties involved the technician, the radiologist and the physician be aware that just because it doesn't show up on the scan, it doesn't mean it isn't there?

When 'Unremarkable' Is Not Clear Enough

A radiologic technologist RT uses non-visible x-rays shorter wavelength to create an image similar to a photographer using visible light. In reviewing the axial CT images, there are many abnormalities to note.

As I have aged my symptoms have become progressively worse I had become a shell of myself. List your practice on Zocdoc.

Radiologists see far more on cross-sectional imaging, such as CT, than projectional 2-D imaging, such as chest radiographs. Hey Gracious. It is definitely worth discussion other potential causes of your pain and other specialists you may benefit from seeing when you talk to your primary care doctor.