20 reasons Star Trek is better than Star Wars

When he is freed, he gives a Vulcan salute and says, " I come in peace. Darth Maul could sure put up a fight. The February 9, live episode of G4 's Attack of the Show! TNG produced a breathtaking , including rare gems such as "Lower Decks," which dedicated a main storyline to the Enterprise's unsung ensigns. Written by former Star Trek: She ends up reenacting her famous interracial kiss with store regular Brian Johnson. In the first episode of the second season, Nicola Murray instructs her advisors to "set phasers to equality".

The Spock character has appeared as a throw-away joke on several other occasions. But more than that, I believed that I could see five lights. Jonathan Frakes guest-stars as himself, putting the moves on Cybill after they do some sci-fi project together even though she won't date actors. Robert Jones, a prisoner who managed to build a teleporter in a previous episode, is described as "clever enough to Star Trek himself out of a maximum security German prison".

However, his parents are revealed to be fanatical Trekkies, and as such deeply disappointed.

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Sign up with: The first was in the episode "Alienated", in which case one of the main characters, Jesse Travis, believes he was abducted by aliens. Darth Vader is cool, what with the breathy mask and lightsaber skills and intimidating cloak. This British sitcom, written by and starring Simon Pegg , and directed by Edgar Wright , contains frequent references to various film and television series, including Star Trek. Tribbles Well, OK. A 33rd season showcase entitled "Star Schlep" dealt with an incompetent crew of models in TNG era uniforms trying to pilot their ship while encountering prizes along the way.

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I thought his eyes were steaming up because he was so excited. Star Wars has a beautiful, almost classical mythology to it.

Voyager , pp. On 19 April , the video game Star Trek: Absent from the sketch were principal cast regular Kelsey Grammer and supporting cast regular Dan Butler , both of whom having played other characters on The Next Generation and Voyager , respectively.

In the fifth live show, Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour , Eddie Hitler's time-travelling toilet, the TURDIS, is allegedly powered by a dilithium crystal ; after wasting time with a meaningless questionnaire, he claims that he was "waiting for the dilithium crystal to reach optimum temperature".

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I'm going to make this simple for you, Mr. You never go to a star, not one time. The cover photo is archived from the original web layout. Latest Stories. In "Lucky Penny", Ted remarks that usually when he stumbles upon a bunch of people camped out in line waiting for something, there tends to be a stormtrooper or a Klingon to give some indication of what the line is about.

Ben Carson on Harriet Tubman: November 28, Caption: There were Denise Crosby guest starred on it. Phil LaMarr and Phyllis Diller herself. In the Star Wars universe, there's simply no equivalent. Each episode is named after the main cameo.

As you can see by the gallery's title, this is the pro-Star Trek side, fronted by Leslie Gornstein. It featured Captain Tantrum Amanda Bynes , a child commander of the starship, who got her way by screaming and shouting.

In the episode "Marooned", Ray Palmer the Atom imitates recording a captain's log and says he feels like Captain Kirk.