Rules for comma usage

"However" as a Sentence-Starter

I just thought this might be worth mentioning. Don't offset a phrase that gives necessary information to the sentence. If you use it in the beginning and forgot the comma, you inadvertently mean the former. Don Blathers, a comma misuser, will rue the day he included that comma. Lisa waved at Nancy , laughing joyously.

Rule 4: Otherwise, why not remove the however so the sentence is concise - some people are beginning to doubt this. Take heed! However much I try, I cannot eat flapjacks. Here's another free pass.

However Arrant Pedantry

If it does, then it is a full clause. However it turns out, the policy will cover the loss. However, don't put a comma after the main clause when a dependent subordinate clause follows it except for cases of extreme contrast. UT Blogs Log in.

Tags commas punctuation. Examples of nonessential elements set off by commas: Such rules are conventions that go back centuries and were created by writers, editors, typesetters, and teachers.

The same reasoning is behind advice not to begin sentences with "or" and "and". In this case , however , you seem to have over-exerted yourself. You may also like. I like oats; however, I cannot eat flapjacks. You have to decide on a flavor of English that isn't cookie dough , because each flavor has a different ruling on the use of the serial comma. For example: Linked See that comma before "and," the conjunction? You can decide if two adjectives in a row are coordinate by asking the following questions: