Porsche Historical Background: 1948-2007

Volkswagen Group. Rumored to break cover for the model year, the Cayenne Coupe seems to be a sleeker Cayenne with a coupe-style roof and minor changes to the design. Vehicle Types. February 20, Introduced in , the facelifted third-generation Porsche Boxster gained a couple of major changes compared to its predecessor. In February 20th, Porsche releases further details on it forthcoming Cayenne S Hybrid that will come with a sophisticated parallel hybrid system.

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Porsche Car manufacturers of Germany Vehicle manufacturing companies established in establishments in Germany Companies based in Stuttgart Companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange German brands Luxury motor vehicle manufacturers Motor vehicle manufacturers of Germany Sports car manufacturers Volkswagen Group Car brands.

Macan GTS. After decades of 9-series model names, the current roster rolls off the tongue as easily as the cars roll off the production line in Stuttgart.

The Cayenne, introduced in , shares its chassis with the Volkswagen Touareg and the Audi Q7 , which is built at the Volkswagen Group factory in Bratislava , Slovakia. Porsche type "No. The Porsche with a hp, 4-cylinder engine rounded off the transaxle model range. Unmistakable design and a refined yet raw performance inextricably links the Porsche "No. It's the driver's version of the base Carrera, designed for the sports car purist. The "Egger-Lohner electric car model C. For my purposes, the Carrera made sense because I have two small kids, who can actually fit in the rear seats, and because I wanted to put a rack on it for bikes and skis.

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History of the Porsche Company

Panamera With the new Panamera — the fourth car line — Porsche brought sports car technology to the premium segment with its highly dynamic interpretation of 'luxury'.

Find sources: The Turbo combines exotic car performance with luxury and everyday usability. From onwards, Porsche began to use a mid-engine roadster designed for motorsport, which was to have a long tradition of spectacular success: The soft-top roof is different toward the back, while the engine hood features the famous flying buttresses.

Experience Werk 1. Updated March 28, Green light for an electric future: Carrera T. Toward a New Millennium Boxster introduced with mid-mounted horsepower, 2. In August , Porsche announced that the formerly named Mission E electric car will be named " Taycan" meaning 'leaping horse'. Post to Facebook. Just as importantly, the S brings bigger, stronger brakes and red brake calipers to call them out.

Cayenne 92A.

Porsche's first car, in , was electric

Luckily, it looks like we got just that, as our spy photographers snapped a few shots of a possible undercover spec GT3 out and about undergoing some cold weather testing.

Views Read View source View history. In , the company's legal form was changed from Kommanditgesellschaft KG , or limited partnership, to Aktiengesellschaft AG , or public limited company, because Ferry Porsche came to believe the scale of the company outgrew a "family operation", after learning about Soichiro Honda 's "no family members in the company" policy at Honda.