Pricing varies by location and is subject to change. If you have major Mbps needs, you need a big car to carry all those data packets on a fast information highway! By Sun-Times Staff email. Guess what that includes. Cable delivers internet over lines that were built for TV, so it provides a wider highway than DSL and meets the 25Mbps minimum, currently maxing out around 50Mbps Fiber optic cable is fastest, topping out at a whopping 1Gbps from Google Fiber.

For the best results, close all other programs and internet browsers running on your computer and stop any active downloads. I get the same problem every month where I have to deal with a week or two or even three ,of almost no uload speed.

Also was promised someone would be contacting me about a service call. The rep informed me that a supervisor was not available and that I would have to wait for a phone call later on the day. How long will it take to download different media files? High Speed Symmetric Connectivity. Ring even the 9V connection was disconnected by their technician.

Xfinity bundles get you the best Xfinity internet prices. How many of your employees might be on the internet at the same time during hours of peak internet usage?

My Laptop is getting Mbps internet instead of Mbps Tom's Hardware Forum

A high number should mean that downloads complete more quickly, webpages load faster, streaming of music or videos begins more rapidly and any video calls or online games played should display smoothly. Contact us if you want to get in touch about a council service instead. Xfinity internet speed and data Hold on to your hat—Xfinity internet speeds go up to 2, Mbps.

Types of Activities. You'd be better off getting the slower speed and investing in a good router that can prioritize gaming over downloads. You'll also get 7 email accounts with plenty of storage up to 10 GB. What is Xfinity Blast! Past megabits down you have diminishing returns and older devices get no benefit at all.

One-time fees: A lot. To get the new speeds, most customers will simply need to re-start their modems. If Comcast wants to charge like a utility they need to be regulated like one as well. Offers and availability vary by market and are subject to change.

Extra fees, It half picks up, the customer service is rude and unhelpful. She said I would have to wait for a phone call from a technician 15 minutes before arrival. How many employees would be browsing the internet or checking email at the same time?

They told me they were getting an error message and that I had to complete an email that xfinity would send me. Pretty much. But as we all know, they have a legal monopoly and there are no other options.