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Then to finish my day off nicely, my granddaughter from Portsmouth rang me to say they could not come to Skeggie with us for a week, I haven't seen my girls for a long time, I felt gutted to say the least, and I know the reason for that, their mum does not want them to see their dad, my son that lives up here what a bloody mess we find ourselves in at times, and of course this addiction jumps straight on to my sinking ship, pushing in thoughts of escape and I deserved a little play, thank goodness I have no money in my account, that addiction can WANT but it ain't gonna get, I know these thoughts don't last long, in fact it was a quick 2 minute thought, that I dismissed with anger.

Scott may not have been Markham's first choice as leader but, having decided on him, the older man's support remained constant.

You can also enter a negative number to find out when X days before today happened to fall. Good morning diary, and it's Monday already lol.

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Suzanne xx Top. Buying Christmas presents late has become part of the festive tradition. Pronchishcheva Chelyuskin Kh. Sending you best wishes x Top. There is plenty of pluck and spirit left in the British after all. Here are a few good ideas that you can use to boost your traffic and conversions on Black Friday: Back to school is an important time of the year for many retail businesses — second only to the Christmas shopping season. Awesome work. Fantastic work. Their Race to the South Pole.

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Four hundred and sixty 5 days lol. IDoceo Connect Topic started 6 months 1 week ago by Catherinevds. Topic started 6 months 1 week ago by Catherinevds. Retrieved from " https: A few years ago, Luke Knowles and his wife noticed the shift towards this trend and launched Free Shipping Day.

There is no doubt that Amundsen's plan is a serious menace to ours. Last Post by Loolou. He was awarded a cluster of honours and medals, including many from overseas, and was promoted to the rank of captain. Scott reminded the returning Surgeon-Lieutenant Atkinson of the order "to take the two dog-teams south in the event of Meares having to return home, as seemed likely". Skip to main content.

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It is typically seen as the start of the Christmas shopping season and so is a good benchmark for you to ensure that your website is fully prepared for Christmas shoppers.

Topic started 5 months 2 weeks ago by Angelo. Submit to Your Own Diary. Good morning diary, today, LM here already, so a very busy day ahead, out and about in the sunshine.

Find out about careers. The date of your departure must depend on news received from returning units, the extent of the depot of dog food you have been able to leave at One Ton Camp, the state of the dogs, etc