Dry food rots dog's teeth?

Check your dog's teeth and gums every time you groom it. Tooth decay in cats can be a painful condition for your pet feline. More questions. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Add a comment to Chinker's experience.

Dry food rots dog's teeth? Yahoo Answers

My cat Cow has had problems grooming for a number of years, but it mainly had to do with her lower back and take. Add a comment to Delilah's experience.

If you find any of these things, call your veterinarian to discuss your findings and how to proceed. Powered by Brightspot. Tooth Decay in Cats Share your experience. A website debunking some of the many myths regarding raw feeding and bones.

Periodontal Disease in Dogs

This can involve one or more of the following techniques among others:. There are several dental diets and treats that can also help keep plaque and tartar to a minimum. Her teeth before we started raw a couple weeks ago, were as bad as an old dogs teeth. He has also lost weight.

A Vet's Guide To Life: Rotting Mouth

She said that raw food "won't rot dogs teeth like dry food, and that it's healthier" and all that jazz. It makes the meal more appetizing, and they get a bit of a treat, that's what I feed my dogs. Specially made dog toothbrushes and toothpaste are available at most pet stores. After eating their full, the crocodile will go off for a little snooze, relax open its jaw, and allow the plover bird to act as its personal dental hygienist, vacuuming up the scraps that are left in crocodile snappers.

A few of these may include:. Join me live at 9: If there's sugar in the mouth, then they can grow more and more, and give dental decay.

That won't rot my dogs teeth, right? Dogs clean their teeth when they eat.

Does canned dog food rot teeth?

Related wikiHows. And if at her age would it actually help her quality of life? JD James Davis Mar 22, During this time the vet may use his finger or a probe or other simple object to press gently on the suspicious teeth.

Hi Mona: Yes No.

Periodontal Disease in Dogs

If you only feed them canned food their teeth will weaken. Her site explains a lot but it still left me questioning things. Two vets had decided she'd need yearly dentals. I was going to do a raw diet but decided not to. To keep their teeth healthy, daily toothbrushing with a pet toothpaste is essential.