Once the gaff hook has found its home, carefully lift the fish up and in the boat, and into the cooler or fishbox in one smooth motion. View the discussion thread. Fishing gaffs come in a variety of lengths, materials, designs, and hook sizes, allowing anglers to pick specific models for their preferred fishing style and vessel.

The Fine Art of Gaffing Field & Stream

Use a flying gaff for fish that are over pounds You never want to gaff a fish while it is still full of energy. Only gaff fish you know you want to keep.

Hold the back most grip of the gaff with your dominant hand so that you can get the longest reach possible with the pole. Take a Flyer When targeting makos, plus-pound tuna and swordfish, a flying gaff the head separates from the pole and is attached to a foot line cleated to the boat is a must for crew safety.

The designated gaff man should maneuver the gaff into position behind the fishing line to avoid wrapping the line around the gaff. Really good charter boats rarely keep billfish, these days, which is a tremendous improvement in fish conservation. Offshore kayak fishermen tend to use harpoon-style gaffs to subdue fish. Often it will be injured badly enough to die if it manages to escape.

Otherwise you run the risk of being yanked overboard because you put the loop of rope around your wrist.

Vintage Fishing Gaff. Be careful not to gaff the fish near the tail, especially with fish that have sharp spines or teeth. The best spot to hit is right in front of the dorsal in the fat of the back meat.

Matt finish on both sides reduces the risk of small scratches. When you refuse to compromise on how you design and build and perfect a product such as the Bluewater Use your other hand and grab the front grip of the gaff pole to help stabilize the pole and drag the fish in.

The Best Tips For Gaffing A Big Fish -

I had made a few of these for shark fishing it's sturdy. Keepers A sure way to lose a fish is to try to gaff it before it is ready, but even a tired fish often reacts violently to any sudden moves it perceives as threatening.

This sure makes cleaning the decks a lot easier afterward since I don't have to deal with copious amounts of incredibly slippery, stinky slime all over the place. It is always preferable to pull the fish head first or tail first into the boat.

If done properly, the gaff goes home and the fish moves from the water to the fish box in a single, smooth motion. Saltwater Fishing Gear Deep Blue fishing accessories. If it is at all possible use a landing net to bring a fish aboard.