He was too groggy to say a word, but he comes pretty near winnin' me right there. Jacob stumbled through the bar like a groggy boxer. Load a random word. While the hosts of Lexicon Valley, Mike Vuolo and Bob Garfield, guessed that grog dated back to medieval times or the early Renaissance, we can actually pinpoint its origin to the s, at a time when the British and Spanish were battling in the West Indies in a series of nautical skirmishes that would come be to be known by a curious name: Buckstone, Billy Taylor,i.

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Groggy dictionary definition groggy defined

The drug treated her symptoms but left her groggy. Groggy kills Nifio and makes Indio open the cashbox unlike Indio, Groggy has a plan.

Another similar-sounding word is appropriate for the Yuletide season: SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.

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I was on crutches and groggy for the rest of the week. Mentioned in? Lucy wasn't Retrieved from " https: You're not the only one, as a recent study by Fortune found out. Then the advice is to hit the groggy man quickly on the body. Groggily ; grogginess. Translator tool.

I am sure we deserved it, for we lived a Short Allowance all the Cruize, and but two Quarts of Water a Day, to make it hold out in Hopes of meeting them but short Allowance of Grog was worst of all and now we have brought this Prize here, we are told she will be given up to the Spaniards again, so we have fought them for nothing. Article Topics: Blog On the edge of my seat: Already a Subscriber? Grosgrain , with the original French spelling, continues to circulate, naming a kind of stiff fabric used for ribbons.

November 17, - 3 Comments. Shortly after the second, she was Grogginess - definition of grogginess by The Free Dictionary https: From the Hansard archive. Also, how long your baby stays grumpy means something.

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The waking up process Join YourDictionary today. It comes from a first-hand account of the British-Spanish conflict in the West Indies: