Jeans Don’t Fit Anymore? 6 Hacks to Stretch and Shrink Your Denim

If your weight does tend to fluctuate, jeans with a little elastane spandex , also known as stretch jeans, should be a go to. Tips If none of the above provides enough stretch, try taking the pants to a tailor, who can then insert a panel of extra fabric to widen the waistband. Furthermore, as the name suggests, they will stretch more with the use of stretch techniques.

Denim Too Tight? Here's How to Stretch Your Jeans

Feel free to pull them in any and all directions, reapplying the lukewarm water as needed. Is it possible for me to stretch size 26 skinny jeans to fit someone who is size 28? Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram Email. This yoga-based abs workout can super-charge your core power, in just 10 minutes a day. Method One: Doing lunges in your jeans helps break the fibers and stretches them out.

Take great care when applying force or tumble drying, particularly if you're dealing with a well-loved pair of jeans. If not, repeat step two. Step 2. Let your jeans dry almost completely. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Pull, pull and pull.

Don't toss them back into the offending dryer, unless you want to repeat the whole process all over again. Step 4. Get the waistband wet. We say letting other people do the leg work will save you from wasting time and money on bad jeans. One of them is obvious, the other is more subtle and the last one sounds kind of crazy. Next Post Go try Now: After stretching your pants by taking a bath in it etc, would you be able to put in into the washer and dryer or do it all on your own?

Jeans are essentially a two-piece equation. The denim stretches to fit over my thighs, and I just do a little wiggle to get them over my bum. Regardless of wash , when stretching out your jeans, a number of considerations should also be taken into account. Emilie Whitaker found that when she'd try on jeans, the waist gaped, the legs were too tight or too loose , and the pockets fit weird.

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Stretch Jeans Guide: Spandex Jeans, Jeggings, and More

What you do is get your jeans on, you may not be able to button, so get them on as much as possible, then spray lukewarm water to dampen the denim. Heavy Patchwork Denim. Focus on the problem areas to reshape the fabric. Privacy Policy.