Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Hunter Rank Guide

Rathian's Wrath Urgent. One of the reasons for this shift was probably because they added in new armor skins that are only found in G Rank Quests, but applied them to monsters that were in MH4. Item hog: Apex Zinogre. Even if you are able to generate the quest, you may not be able to post it. The chances for a double quest per hunted monster are:.

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The Azure King and the Tyrant Key. Depending on your level, the last two might be a bit tougher because Gathering Hall monsters are stronger than their village counterparts. Kecha Konundrum. MEMOK Bring down the flagship monster and say hello to 5-star quests.

Remember that High Rank will be able to generate quests from Low Rank. Tigrex by the Tail. Grim Quartet. Can you say Bounce City? The Scathing Shore. It still feels as a MH title should but at least at first you feel you get rewarded faster for your efforts. And yes, they apparently stack:. Repel that sucker and you should unlock:. Konchu Collector. Berserker Rage Key.

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What changes when doing a higher level guild quest? Naked and Afraid. The armor spheres and points necessary to increase a level will be based off the rarity of the equipment. Share This Story! It is certainly true that experience MH players will move much more quickly through the game than new players.

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Icy Investigation. Abusing of your expertise and kindness, im gonna make some more questions:. Here to Eternity. Talk to the Cheerful Toverian in Harth to unlock "Egg-straction: Tigerstripe Zamtrios. Ring Hollow. Emperor of Embers Advanced: Buffoonish Baboon.