New Aesthetics of Goaltending, Vol 3: Myth of the Standup Goalie

Why would anyone fling their feet to travel toward something distant? Your stick should be just in front of your groin area.

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This will help cut down angles and minimize holes for the ball to go in. Never place your stick perpendicular to your body. With 6 foot 5 tenders and a 5 foot stick it makes me cringe to see Patrick Kane playing with a puck for 15 seconds about 4 feet from the tender with the tender backed in just about under the post. If you make it obvious you want him back then he is going to think he can treat you however he wants and you will always be there for him, and that will just lead to more break ups in the future.

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Goaltenders traditionally had lots of padding on their legs bulky wooden uncurved sticks tend to keep shots low , and very little up top, without any facial protection at all. Rule 4, Players' clothing and equipment, paras 4.

That might be good if your team doesn't play enough, but trust me, you want them on the offence. Salman on July 17, at Having a son who is a tender now its not just the up or down style but every phase pf goaltending that has changed dramatically.

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I just think it's great when a shot comes. An NHL player would probably take this into a whole other level than I did and I was a very capable goalie once upon a time.

Use of a protective cup is, for obvious reasons, required in the men's game; thigh pads and shinguards are also being required for women goalkeepers as of Remember to come out of the net, and close the 5 hole or you'll get an std.

It is compulsory to wear a helmet when defending a penalty stroke or penalty corner. My favorite warm up routine. The referee has some discretion in making this call. When you block a shot, make sure your goalie can still see, and never bail out of blocking it.

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Also, make sure to take short strides when shuffling side-by-side. He hesitates, trying to out wait and outwit Plante, who has already begun leaning down toward his blocker to cover the ice on the strong side. Basically, you want to make yourself appear as big as possible if you don't have the hand-eye, reflexes, or agility to be a sloppy goalie.

I say this as a gritty, crease owning left winger. Claude28Giroux , Aug 30, Wear shorts, because you'll sweat like crazy.