Determining Roof Pitch Angle In 3 Steps

This quick and easy roofing solution consists of felt backing that is impregnated with asphalt and coated with minerals. This is fortunate since flat roofs are more prone to leaks and require frequent inspections.

Pitched roofs are most often the provence of shingles, although standing seam roofs are becoming ever more popular on pitched roofs as well. Set the level on the edge of the speed square as shown below then place the heel of the speed square on a rafter or gable edge of the roof. Tips Carpenters in some regions refer to the roof slope in terms of degrees instead.

I'm just six feet tall. Ideally you will have safe access to your roof from inside the building.

Roof Pitch Angle and Slope Factor Charts

Awesome picture! If I build a sidewalk up the slope of a hill, the building department wants to know if I should have built stairs instead. James Press, Help answer questions Learn more. Flat and nearly-flat roofs a pitch of 1-in or 2-in cannot be covered with shingles or shakes of any material since there is not enough angle to combat the danger of blow-off.

Find the top 12 warning signs that your asphalt shingle roof needs to be replaced. Step 3: Arched roofs: Skip to main content. Holding the level and speed square level, locate the measurement on the speed square where it meets the bottom edge of the rafter to find the angle of the roof in degrees.

Roof Pitch To Angle Conversion Table Slope Factor Chart

You can see that reflected in our drawings above. Not Helpful 17 Helpful Thank you for good information you provided here. Roofs may be functionally flat or " pitched ".

Before we get started with all that we need to find out the pitch of a roof. Note the vertical distance on the tape measure and write this value down. Definition of Tangent: Adjust the level until the bubble is centered between the two lines.

Access a rafter.

Roofing Calculator

Typical building codes specify that. Move the tape measure along the the roof until it hits the level at exactly the inch mark. High-pitch, non-walkable roofs are dynamic and present an exciting appearance, but they are more expensive to install, and repairs will be left to roofing contractors with all the necessary safety equipment.

If not you will need to make your measurement from on top of the roof itself or at the edge of the roof with a ladder. Note that this is not the actual length of the rafter.

Roof Pitch Calculator - Inch Calculator

Did you try these steps? Position the level. And we figure that in calculating or measuring the "rise" of this same roof we can assume we are not so stupid as to not hold our tape vertical between the attic floor and the center of the ridge - so we can assume the other known angle is 90 degrees - we've got a nice "right triangle".

In Roof Tiling and Slating, the author rejects this cautious approach. Click here to share your story. It also does not require a gravel-covering to ward off harmful elements and UV rays from the sun. Top of Page.