How To: Ballyhoo Double-Hook Ilander Combo for Wahoo

Resist any urge to strike or reel in any slack line. Depending on spool size, high speeds of 5: Do not set the hook. Rig Squid for Swordfish. Snap swivels, despite their convenience, can be the weak link in the entire system.

If you aren't on our email list, you're missing out! Wahoo fishing: For trolling and bait fishing, the gear is much simpler. Always use single hooks. Caballero uses his electronics to mark tuna in the water column; hefty tunas show as bigger echoes, while the wahoo are smaller blips. Streamlined, faster than a speeding bullet, fearless, absolutely beautiful and many believe the best eating fish in the ocean.

And, who better to learn from than guys that have excelled at this highest levels of fishing. When inserting lead into the head of a skirt Pledge or Windex can be used to help lubricate.

Get a variety of glitter, like red, gold, silver and green and match it to your Mylar. Developing a game plan is critical. Game Plan Okay, we now have the right gear and the terminal tackle. Ilander's Heavy-Weight features a 4 oz.

How to Catch a Wahoo Sport Fishing Magazine

Communicate calmly and clearly as you are coming down the rail, whether you are in race mode or following a tamed fish. South Florida fishing legends RJ Boyle and Shawn Olds drill way into the tactics and the vast assortment of tackle available for wahoo trolling. Next measure out your feet of mono leader and use matching chaff protection for the loops. To create a lure with a large, streamlined profile you want to utilize a trolling lure and two rubber skirts. Rather than using the standard method of inserting a single J hook in the bait through the gills and exiting in the belly, this rig one uses two hooks, which are inserted from the top of the bait down to the belly.

Wahoo Fishing Techniques In The Spread

The wahoo were everywhere, slashing at baits, bombs and jigs. Certainly there is the allure of just twisting haywire one wire to your lure, no crimping, etc. I use one crimp, but I do it right. For jigs and bombs, you need rod and reel combos with which you can cast a mile, retrieve at breakneck speed and once hooked, keep maximum pressure on the fish.

The key elements are that they are high-speed and have excellent cranking power and torque. Fish are finicky eaters. They will analyze hooks and hook sets, profile lure head shapes and how they swim in the water, where in the spread a lure should be positioned, discuss skirts and skirt materials and then take all this information and apply it to rigging several trolling lures.

Casting bombs and jigs are my favorite technique for wahoo.

Aluminum against stainless steel cable can create galvanic corrosion which weakens and ultimately destroys your rigs. I spoke with five accomplished captains, probing them to reveal their own proven tactics to catch wahoo. View the discussion thread. If you are not putting baits down deeper, you are wasting your time.

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Log In Cancel. Trim the tag of wire with cable cutters. On this I thread the lure, a spacer bead or small lead, a stopper crimp, piece of small heat shrink, the cable crimp and then the hook.