1.7 Protocol on Sharing Information in Order to Safeguard and Promote the Welfare of Children

In these and similar circumstances, you may release information without the patient's consent, but only if you consider that the patient is unable to give consent, and that the disclosure is in the patient's best medical interests. Increasing awareness of the needs of street homeless people among health services.

Unemployed young people can be defined as individuals aged between 15 and 24 who are without a job and actively seeking part time or full time work Singell and Lillydahl….

Safeguarding adults: sharing information

Her partner has cut her arm open with a knife and is threatening to kill her. Members List. They are in denial about it. The Mental Capacity Act supports decision-making where someone may not understand the consequences of their actions or the actions of others. Sharing relevant information with the right people at the right time is vital to good safeguarding practice.

He insists that there is a need for joint working to prevent harm in this case. If the person is unwilling to sign the undertaking, the police must consider whether the disclosure should still take place. The information must be current as a fact of yesterday may not be a fact of today. Sharing information with these people should always be with the consent of the individual.

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For a more detailed explanation of the principles see the Information Commissioners Office guidance. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. Don't insult anything from their childhood.

Learning points As a result of this case the following recommendations have been implemented: The 'purposes' of the Act referred to are wide and include a range of measures such as local crime audits, youth offending teams, Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions, sex offender orders and local child curfew schemes.

Principle 4: Whether the integrated working is across existing services or through specific multi-agency structures, success depends upon effective partnership working between universal services such as education and primary health care and targeted and specialist services for those children, young people and families at risk of poor outcomes.

There are unpleasant odours coming from the flat. What are the Caldicott Principles?

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The duty to share information can be as important as the duty to protect patient confidentiality. Mrs Tweedy has the mental capacity to make a decision about this.

An individual employee cannot give a personal assurance of confidentiality. Terry reassures her that she just needs to tell her manager and that nobody else will be told at this stage.