German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact

Paris, Timothy J. The Zionist Masquerade: This text thereby avoided committing the entirety of Palestine as the National Home of the Jewish people, resulting in controversy in future years over the intended scope, especially the Revisionist Zionism sector, which claimed entirety of Mandatory Palestine and Emirate of Transjordan as Jewish Homeland [] [] This was clarified by the Churchill White Paper, which wrote that "the terms of the declaration referred to do not contemplate that Palestine as a whole should be converted into a Jewish National Home, but that such a Home should be founded 'in Palestine.

Weizmann had argued that the declaration would have three effects: Authority control BNF: Della Pergola, Sergio Bayan Nuwayhid al-Hut.

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Sorek, Tamir Confirming support from the British government for the establishment in Palestine of a "national home" for the Jewish people, with two conditions.

Palestine in the Sykes—Picot Agreement map under "international administration", with Haifa Bay , Acre and Haifa as a British enclave, and excluding the area from Hebron south [i].

Yale University Press. The PZCs acceptance of the deferment again aroused the ire of supporters of the congress, who described it as a degrading surrender.

In Baruch Kimmerling. War and peace, — Combining Viewpoints on a Controversial Story.

A Jewish Palestine would become an ally of Greece. The Emergence of the Modern Middle East.

The battle is infamous as one of the largest, longest and bloodiest engagements in modern warfare: Charles Henry Churchill's first letter, in , intended to catalyse an interest in Jewish emigration to Palestine: Greenwood Press.

Mousa, Suleiman In the previous year, Hitler had annexed Austria and had taken the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia; in March , his tanks rolled into the rest of Czechoslovakia. Kedourie, Elie Not final. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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These Marines fighting Sailors were known as "Squids The Journal of Modern History. Vallentine Mitchell. Weizmann's genius I said to him: Antonius, George