My mate doin cockney accent

Where does he get this stuff? Yeah, for sure. It's so wondrous, mysterious, even magical.

30 Awesome Aussie Slang Words You'll Hear Everywhere in Straya! FluentU English

Who has the time to type out actual words? And you have not. If you do get caught in a conversation about football, you should be prepared to spend hours listening. Her name, yes. Yes, I was. Hot Network Questions. Working in the cube is an emoji's whole purpose in life. I'm right here! I got to get out of here. Ask Question. Remember me? The name's Jailbreak. Shake it, Gene. Everybody my age is working on the phone except for me. Keeping my fingers crossed that things won't take a toll on me as it did these past few months Words aren't cool.

Already on it! Please be a dream! As you know, I'm Smiler. Hi, Gene.

Ben doin course

He straightens up his coat and beamed a smug face at me. Hey, Alex, you gonna dance for us? Off the phone. You feel slightly stupid for thinking that your best friend would ditch you because of a mishap with the boy she likes. Welcome back!

They were locked onto you, more specifically, your neck. I let us all down. I knew I'd get there. He held my hand in his and neared it to his face. We line you up with the yellows. They sell food and offer other services.