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Characters that have appeared or been "re-versioned" multiple times across different mediums. As a child she was sick, so her parents took her to be healed by the moon spirit. Sign in. To some extent, she takes up a similar position within the world that Dolores Umbridge took in Harry Potter.

However, after Amon took his bending away, the bully in him weakened and he became more polite than prior to his ordeal with the Equalist leader. What are Tags?

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The Legend of Korra. Drunken Confessions by ToxicWitchling Fandoms: This player and one other were carried out on stretchers, groaning. Acrylic Trays New. I, I love you.

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Go to wishlist Keep shopping. However, she ignored his advice and glared straight at Tahno. Framed Art Prints. He stops as his vision begins to oddly blur. Sign in. Please select the country you want to ship from.

Tags are keywords that describe videos. Travel Mugs. View details.

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Tank Tops. Tahno yelped and reeled backward with fright as the animal roared at him. A filler, if you will, because that episode was short on humor. Side Tables New. Then we'll see who the losers really are. Shop more art prints from this artist. Money by Savorysavery Fandoms: Benches New. Italian Easter Tradition.

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Because of her very particular usage, it struck fans as odd. Canvas Prints. After the Fire Ferrets claimed victory in a thrilling semifinal, Tahno approached them with more insults. Add new collection. Despite The Boulder supposedly being one of the top earthbenders, he is easily defeated by Toph.