Knee pain: we debunk the myths about sore knees and exercise

Another name for this condition is patellofemoral pain syndrome. The good news: A healthcare professional will examine the patient and determine if the knee crepitus and other signs are caused by arthritis or other illnesses. Sports physiotherapist and osteopath Tim Allardyce offers his expert advice on what you can and can't do if you have knee pain.

And keep your weight under control to ease the burden on your knees and all your joints.

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Crepitus in a joint can specify cartilage wear in the joint area. So chances are, you may benefit at some point in your life from talking…. Get some guidance. If the bursa becomes overused or irritated, it can produce extra fluid that causes swelling and pressure on your knee. Knee Pain Knee Pain and Weather: Treating inner knee pain. Your saddle is too high or too far back. Learn more about this treatment.

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ET Magazine. By using warmers, you can easily slip them off mid-ride if you start to warm up. Sudden onset is the most common way to injure the MCL, this can be either a sudden force or a sudden twisting motion Symptoms: Stair climbing also benefits the knees indirectly by helping to manage your weight.

Learn more about plica syndrome. Arthritis, obesity, and other common factors can result in painful, creaky knees. Tendinitis is one of the most common kinds of knee pain.

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This causes the folds to thicken and become stuck between the bones. Stay Warm: Post to Twitter.

Minor knee pain is very common and can often be treated at home. It can be caused by many different problems, including:. Dr Anil Arora Most of us experience an occasional 'pop', 'click' or crackle of the joints or knees during our everyday activities.

Knee pain can be a symptom of many different conditions. Depends on how bad the condition is, but the treatments can be: You do need to be careful running with a sore knee, because any weight-bearing exercise can potentially cause knee pain, but unless you're in acute pain, there's no reason why you should stop running.

Page last reviewed: Being overweight or obese can cause knee pain. Easing Knee Pain: