The 50 Most Influential Books of All Time

See our price match guarantee. About Dr. However, Paul acknowledged later in his life that Barnabas had done a good job in training John Mark for the ministry. The adventure, symbolism, and characterization contained in Don Quixote has promoted the book to the incredible popularity it has today.

Moses disappointed God with some of his actions but repented of his lack of trust and was used by God to accomplish His purposes. The punishment for disobedience of the law not to worship was to be thrown into a pit of lions.

James Dobson. On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. Jacob and Rachel: Click here for reprint permission. The document highlights the problems of capitalism and capitalist production and how these structures impact the political and societal landscape. Max is named his literary executor after Brown is run over by a bus. The themes in this novel have become a major part of modern culture, creating terms and concepts that have been incorporated into our own society. Therefore, be a blessing to someone.

Long considered to be the greatest piece of Italian literature, the Divine Comedy also provides us with a closer view of medieval Christian theology and philosophy. His simple lifestyle and his belief in religious tolerance have made him a symbol of decency and peace ever since. The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Though not as well-known as Paul, Barnabas played a large role in the establishment of new churches in the Greek and Hebrew world of his day.

Terry Jester, CEO of Silicor Materials Terry Jester, a year veteran of the solar industry, joined Silicor Materials in having been actively involved in the company as entrepreneur in residence at one of its financial backers, Hudson Clean Energy.

The characters, stories, and language have taken hold of readers for hundreds of years and have greatly contributed to shaping modern culture. In the text, Douglass recounts his life as a slave on his way to freedom. At the time God said this to Saul through Samuel, David was only a boy of 8 to 12 years old.

This novel, written in , is still widely read and studied as an example of the damage of colonialism. King was assassinated in , but will always be remembered for his dignified, passive resistance to an unjust society.

Thoreau wrote the results of his experience with self-sufficiency and simplicity in Walden , which has subsequently become a source of inspiration for those seeking a life removed from the business of society.

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I am working to foster a scientific community that welcomes all people to participate in the research endeavour. This work is one of the most read books and one of the most studied in all the world. Joshua was an obedient follower. All Rights Reserved.

Job maintained his innocence. Neither should you. Multiple times in the Bible David is recognized as a man who followed God and was sensitive to the leadership of God in his life. Read them in the archive below.