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Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information it is recommended that the specific information relating to the ancillary controls is obtained from the manufacturers concerned.

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Replacement Central heating Programmer

Remove Grey wire from JB terminal 2 and make safe. Automatic, Comfort, Energy Saving, and Frost. View all: RA1 Cylinder Thermostat Check wiring against relevant wiring diagram, disconnect mains supply, remove wire from terminals 2 and 3 and make safe separately.

Training Troubleshooting Adjustments Rev. Separate heating and hot water timings. After you have checked that the switching times are correctly set refer to user manual , and the programmer time is set within a switching period. As the hot water More information. NO Check pump.

SET2E Install and User Instructions

Outdoor Unit. Share this page in your favourite social networks. Share this page in your favourite social networks.

Just return the slider to the RUN position.

Cancel Overwrite Save. When all work has been carried out reconnect electrical supply. No control of HW other than boiler thermostat. Log in Registration.

Product Interchange and wiring guide

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Delete template? DIYnot Forums. Alternatively check with a meter with low voltage capacity. The boiler and pump will fire and the pipe from port B will get progressively warmer.