How many cups is 1 stick of butter?

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Great images, too. See More Recipes. If this is a dupe, can we generalize the original question? The measurement markings on sticks of butter are very helpful, but not particularly useful when you need metric measurements instead of standard U.

I think I understand where the confusion is. Recipe testing and development requires endless measuring and converting. I'm tempted to close as a duplicate of that, but the other question is referring specifically to brownies, and macaroni isn't a baked good.

Olive oil has no cholesterol or carbohydrates and is one of the oils highest in monounsaturated fat which makes it a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Close Share options. The Situation. One g block of butter clocks in at exactly 1 cup of butter. Substituting Whipped Butter in Recipes.

Add a comment with a conversion you frequently have to use and help someone else out. Close View image. January 15, 1 found this helpful. Skip to content. Post comment. Reader Recipes. Get Your Dreamcakes: Can I use butter in place of shortening? By ki4oyh [1 Comment]. Drain water and use that butter for the recipe. For any baking conversions - google is awesome.

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For a quick cut-and-paste version: Butter Measurements Image zoom. If a recipe calls for butter in pounds, 1 pound of butter equals 4 full sticks. Measuring Butter By benniemadrid [1 Post, 1 Comment] 1 found this helpful. Abbreviations tsp.

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Thank you so much. This is true for almost all baked goods, for example. Measuring Butter February 14, 2 found this helpful. Follow yummyph. Find a glossary of terms, techniques, equipment, ingredients and more to improve your skills in the kitchen, and bring your A game to the table.

Post as a guest Name. If you're out of butter and have no time to run to the store, take a look at these butter substitutes.