The Monk's TARDIS

On Earth at the Space Security Service headquarters, Roald and Lizan are watching the broadcast of Mavic Chen , Guardian of the Solar System , who is explaining to the universe that he is going to go on holiday to get away from the hassle of being a space politician, but preaches a message of peace and harmony — celebrating 25 years since the last war in the universe.

Season 1: Start a Wiki. Chen turns this back on Zephon and says that Zephon was absent at the time of the theft.

The Doctor and his companions are forming a plan to steal the Daleks' ship whilst evading the Daleks and the Visians. The travellers run off, pursued by the angry director as well as the star of his film.

The two speculate that this is where the Doctor may have been taken. On a later adventure on the volcano planet Tigus , Mortimus's ship turned into a large rock. Series 8: What a terrible waste As they run through the studios they encounter Charlie Chaplin.

The Daleks ignore his orders, which further irritates him and he tries to shoot the Dalek Supreme. They decide to vote him out. The Daleks overhear this and note the human's grand aspirations. Instead of having Daleks respond to them, they are replied to by the delegates, who explain they have been imprisoned by the Daleks and implore that they are set free. Doctor Who. No Future. The Doctor and Sara make their way through the jungles of Kembel, weighed down by the Time Destructor.

When Sara seems shocked that Chen is still alive, he alludes to the fact that he purposely faked his own death, then forces them to descend into the Dalek bunker at gunpoint.

As this happens the Egyptians attack and Chen snatches the mineral away from the Doctor. He seemingly relents but the Daleks follow at a close distance.

There he encounters a number of policemen and a man who is there to make a complaint about a vanishing greenhouse. Realising that the impact should have totally destroyed the spar, the four conclude the Daleks want them alive, and Bret and Steven set about repairing the ship. He looks around to find his friends but can hardly see in the sandstorm.

The Monk was captured by a group of Antoene warriors, but vowed to escape once again. In the undergrowth, Vyon trips and breaks the transmitter, leaving him desperate, stranded, and alone.

The Monk (Doctor Who)

Steven, Sara and the Monk don't get far before being caught by the Daleks and Chen, who demands the taranium. Films Dr. Regular episodes. TV Movie: It is not long before the Doctor is separated from his companions in the dense undergrowth of Kembel.

She is reluctant to believe their story and refuses to see Chen as anything other than a diligent leader.