*SPOILERS* Pandemic Legacy: Season 1

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Upon replaying the month all we had to do was survive and get that search card done.

First images of Pandemic Legacy Season 2 game board and box emerge

The tool cards are dispersed through all the players, requiring you to call aloud for them by physical description, or by their absurd names. Matching the game's exquisite 19th-century art and theme, cards in the marketplace also come in one of four different genres: We followed that up with the huge hit Mysterium.

They all behave more or less the same with the exception of the superbug COdA. Each round, players elect a president and chancellor. Are you playing Pandemic 2 but having a tough time infecting countries like Madagascar? Like Loading The Game , in all its '80s glory.

It would be a mechanic that we would employ early and often in future searches.

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Learn more But, oh boy, don't judge this game too early. Everdell is a thoughtful, challenging game that nevertheless moves extremely quickly. If the negotiations fall through, then no one gets anything. You spend your sunlight like a currency to grow your trees taller; thereby collecting more light and making a longer shadow to cast on your opponents.

In an eight-player game, you may only be able to move characters south, while your friend can only open doors, or move characters up and down escalators. As you can see, we are lucky enough to have Rico in town for a few weeks.

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Secret Hitler. Learn more.

You solve each malfunction card by laying down specific "tool" cards, of which everyone has a hand. Captain Sonar. Measles, for example, doesn't spread the same way that Ebola does. May saw the introduction of another new character: Capitalism in all its glory!