Tips and Ideas for Using Wood Slices

Naush S. Of course, another option is skipping the DIY route and buying one from Etsy instead. If anyone has burned with pentacryl or has any other thoughts id appreciate it.

Resin Coated Holiday Wood Slice Garland

Pentacryl has not been approved by the U. By REEckerson on Etsy. These natural wooden discs are surrounded with bark, fantastic for table numbers, wedding decorative ideas and general crafting. Just remember that all images and text on this site are property of DIY beautify.

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Tyler December 28, at 4: If you want to treat wood that is already semi-dry, you can use Wood Juice. To keep the bark edge on a slab, cut the wood during the winter. If you want your bark to stay attached while you're working with it, try a bark friendly type like walnut or basswood wood. The ornament hanger was created using a short stick wrapped in tin foil and then adding a large circle paper clip to the top after I attached it to the wood slice.

Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments - DIY from your own Christmas Tree! - Preservation Solutions

What keeps the wood from cracking open, better yet how do you keep the wood from cracking. Kim February 14, at Sandy on Feb 9, Nancy dale mccombs on Jun 24, Not sure what kind of tree, just love the look. These log slice was drilled with small hole to hang easily.

I have not tried Marlene's Baby Oil idea yet, but I just return it to the oven deg F for 30mins - 1 hour. Bruce April 11, at 8: Alm on Oct 15, How to use tin for a shower A Giving Tree 8 Photos.

Tips and Ideas for Using Wood Slices DIY beautify

Interior Design 10 Things to Do with Cross-Cut Trees Cross-sections of a tree branch are all that keep you away from a house full of one-of-a-kind rustic, woodsy decor.

If doing it after, just make sure the wood has completely dried so it does not gum up the sand paper. By Kim Prinzi Kimbro T Amanda, No, Pentacryl will not darken the wood. Should we soak them first or transfer the photos first?

How to Cut Wooden Disc/Wood Slices

The space was big Cole Haan Leather Shoes. Nathan — With a piece that large, you can use the brushing method to apply Pentacryl.

I have a mano tree cut out from my yard, can I do this with it? Kim September 7, at 4: Divyesh September 6, at 9: William Bear on Sep 21, At the end of a long night of entertaining, tuck into bed next to a log night stand. Kim September 7, at 9: Yes, Pentacryl and Wood Juice are used on raw wood and once dried, can be sanded, stained, glued, sealed, etc.