What Is Tagging and Why Should We Do It?

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How to Create Meta tags for your website ( Metadata Editing )

Tagging may be used for the following:. What are the best practices for good search results if keywords are no longer being used? There is a long list of elements that can be incorporated in the HTML head section. Continue Reading. There is some research that suggests if the description text is visible in the page content, and it matches what the user searched for, it could have a small positive impact on your ranking.

Client-side script languages like JavaScript make it possible for a site to react to user Last updated on December 4, at Meta tags play a somewhat less important role than they did a few years ago, but they are still an important part of your HTML.

We start simply by making a title, keywords and a description. Keywords The keywords meta tag has no positive impact on your page rank.

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I personally Appreciate your valuable thoughts on this topic! Making meta tags is a precise work. Read also 12 tips for the perfect description tag. Website owners can therefore use meta tags to define relevant keywords or to specify a topic for their page. Social media and folksonomies: Easy Links Social Bookmarking.

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Again, search engines no longer need to rely on you being honest and describing your page accurately — they can read and understand the actual content on your page. The easiest way to use tags on a website is to use software that supports it.

Because the homepage of Cortex abc doesn't have a description tag, Google uses the description of the Open Directory Project database. Description The description, also known as the meta description, offers room for a brief summary of the page content.

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Make a phrase that makes sense otherwise the system operator will change it. During a Search Engine Roundtable , Gary Illyes of Google was asked if the meta keywords tag was seen as a spam signal. Find out how to automate your work process Confirm by clicking "OK".