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SCWWOOBIO: How diffusion works

Do Now Predict Outcome — What would happen if the cell was exposed to a drug that disabled the transport proteins in the cell membrane?

Because an increase in temperture will increase the solubility of the substance. It takes more energy to go against the path then it does to go with the traffic. This is the manner in which water gets into and out of cells.

Do Now: How the Cel The membrane pinches off and leaves the substance inside the cell and the resulting vacuole, with the contents moves to the inside of the cell.

Animation: How Diffusion Works?

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Diffusion Diffusion — net movement of particles from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration Caused by random movement Is a slow. Submit Search. Predict what would happen to the concentration of the solution if we will add more of a substance dissolved in it?

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Soda, AIM: H2O2 and Liver Enzymes.