The best fascinators in modern royal history

This page was last edited on 13 February , at You didn't think that Brits and the Royals wore hats just because they were fun, did you?

The name may seem like a perfect fit for the eye-catching accessory, but as Co. As long as you look stylish, appropriate for the occasion and feel good in your hat, it doesn't matter whether your hat is big or small.

Milliners or teachers tend to keep a stash of certain fabrics. Related Stories: Everything You Need to Know. Consider meme-generating hats sported by Princesses Beatrice and Princess Eugenie at Kate and William's royal wedding in , which ignited an ardent interest in festive hats among American women and arguably introduced the word fascinator to the lexicon on this side of the Atlantic.

The use of the term "fascinator" to describe a particular form of late 20th- and early 21st-century millinery emerged towards the end of the late 20th century. You should also choose a hat that compliments your face shape. Gather round, fair maidens, for this is the tale of royal hats past.

According to the publication, a staff member will wear a pair of beige cotton ankle socks while breaking in the Queen's shoes can only walk carpet during this period. Back to Top. Ladies' Day at the Royal Ascot on June 21, The problem is in first getting off the ground. And keep your hair behind your ears if you can. Big Questions fashion History language News royal family Words.

Make that toppers of all kinds—ascots! The London-based designer is also a runway regular, and as the youngest milliner of the group has already collaborated with the likes of JW Anderson and the Kate Middleton favorite Erdem. It is a major event for both racing and fashion fans, and is regularly attended by Queen Elizabeth II and other royalty.

A Brief History of Fascinators, the Haiku of Hats Vanity Fair

But does a fascinator still fill the bill? And what exactly is one? Katrin Fahrenbruck attends the third day of Royal Ascot on June 21, Fine headwear has long been a part of the pageantry of church-going and weddings in the black community.

Of course, one of our biggest questions is how do those royal hats stay on?