Interview With Hugh Howey

I learned a lot from that, but I also saw that all the tools for publishing were available to anyone, so I went on my own with the second book.

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Facebook has been the best for me. Third Shift brings a close to the prequel trilogy. He finds this as his problems begin coming back to haunt him. And then I revise it until it's just horrible.

The other takeaway is that audiobooks have a lot of earning potential, and that indies can't ignore their print editions. That's a weird thing about being in the public eye. Do you still fear that it will all go away? After the series grew in popularity, he began to write more entries for it.

As children and infants are being held in cages along the US border, and comparisons to Nazis and Hitler run rampant, Godwin announced on Twitter that in this case, the comparison was apt.

Interview With Hugh Howey

But then, I just start writing from page one. I wondered what it was like to have our view filtered through a medium biased toward bad events and what this does for our desire to strike out and see the world for ourselves. Nothing short of rounding up and killing six million people based on their ethnicity will work for an argument. It's about a cop who busts crooks traveling back from the future.

We share our results. Silo is a series of post-apocalyptic science fiction books by American writer Hugh Howey. There was a time when bestselling author, Hugh Howey never thought he'd finish writing a novel, let alone get one published.

Howey first began the series in , initially writing Wool as a stand-alone short story. Amazon started off as an ambassador for me.

And I also have traditional deals which provide some income and I also have overseas deals. When I get to the end, I do a dozen or so passes before it goes off to my editor, David Gatewood.

Do you hope this will set a precedent for other successful self-published authors? What I think will have to happen is publishers will have to make their contracts more fair in order to entice authors to consider them.

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How does it vary for someone new versus someone with a following? I have no idea. It just came to me in a flash, and I knew it was a good opening line. Take chances. I have no idea how you got me to do this!