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Savage Gladiator's Wild Warlords Season 3: Furious Gladiator's If that player proceeds to win all of their placement games, they can be placed at a maximum of Diamond 3.

Login Register Login to Category5. The Wardens. Skill rating is a number between 1 and , indicating the overall performance of a player with the higher number representing the more skilled players. There is definitely plenty of skills and strategic thinking involved in the gametype that can hook you up for quite some time as long as you enjoy its combat system. Have fun and make sure to provide us with your feedback in the forum!

In addition to the Tier exclusive rewards listed above, there will also be rewards that can be purchased from a vendor for Season 9 Tokens. Arena PvP is divided into 3 divisions: This is ridiculous.

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Seasonal Events. Leaderboards Forums. We released a new version of Panzer League. Warmongering Gladiator's The season added new [ Conquest Points ] items and made Season 9 items available for [ Honor Points ].

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Vengeful Season 4: Dominant Legion Season 7: Furthermore, we have improved the response time of some buttons in the main menu and localized remaining English texts and descriptions.

We are very sorry for the trouble this has caused! Mission Table Advancements. Legion Season 2 ]. Each season has its own name i. The new version 1. The Anglers. Changed rating decay from 1 match to 7 matches over 7 days. Began three weeks after the launch of Legion Ended on December 13, at 6: Jump to: Furthermore, we added new explanations to our tutorial and expanded the player guidance, which now allows a proper introduction to the game for new players.

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Once you have entered the battlefield, voice announcement will accompany your road to victory from now on. Johnny pays for advantages in game and does better than Sally and Sally constantly loses because of it. Legion Season 3 ].