Restoring Shellac Finishes

This is especially effective on drawers.

How to Repair a Damaged Shellac Wood Finish

Move the rubber in small circles over the wood, leaving an overlapping swathe of polish. What is applied is one of a variety of polishes made up from a solution of shellac in spirit.

The method I prefer is to add spirit stain to the first polish. If more than fogging is required, lightly sand the surface with a very fine sand paper, such as grit. The first step in caring for a shellac finish is understanding what are the potential sources of damage.

French Polish Furniture Finish

The light is refracted from the underside of the polish or lacquer as white. The use of a fluorescent neutral stain such as "blankofor" added to a normal water-stain dye deepens the luster of the piece.

What you need If stripping old wood, Nitromores Original watch your hands and eyes, this stuff bites! This process is repeated many times.


STOP polishing when this happens. Wax Polish waterbased - The making of -. Water can be made to penetrate deeper, and therefore to swell up the deeper fibers, by laying a wet piece of cloth over the indentation for a period of time before or in between heating. Most of the scratches may spontaneously disappear which leaves you to only deal with the severe ones. You may start out gently scrubbing with a circular motion but then finish up scrubbing with slightly more force in the grain direction.

White oil.

Furniture Restoration Supplies - Shellac & French Polish

It buffs well and has an appropriate sheen. Eventually, after four or five applications, the shine will begin to appear. There are times when the shellac is so badly worn or damaged, or when a water stain has blackened the wood beneath the shellac, that the finish simply must be removed and a new coating applied. The surface can be kept clean by dusting with a dampened cloth.

Restore that heirloom!

You have a choice of three types of stain, oil, spirit and water. Face it, you want the items in your houses or your apartments to look finished and perfect. Take your time and read the above information carefully, practice on some other practice pieces if you don't want to attempt this on the real thing.

And than again without going over the previous stripe of polish thus creating a surface of alternating stripes of polish and unpolished timber. After this thorough drying thinned out french polish can be applied making sure to keep rubbing until the polish is dry and no white spots are left buried under the new polish without being filled.