What to Plant in Autumn: Christmas potatoes, onions, & leafy greens

Any suggestions for making things work? Whether you intend on planting potatoes in a garden trench, in containers, or even in your unused parking lot stall at work, your key to success is an understanding of how potato plants grow. All rights reserved. I harvested a lot of potatoes, including a lot of small potatoes, this year from certified seed potatoes.

Growing Potatoes

Don't rake the leaves. Hidden Gold 4: The plants need 1 to 2 inches of water per week. It was my first time trying to grow potatoes. Holmes and Holmes 6pm 5c. But never have planted potatoes but was wondering the same thing. You can add it as mulch all year round but applying it in the Autumn ensures that tiny organisms and worms will have a chance to incorporate it into the soil before spring.

Just be careful when growing autumn and winter veggies that you choose the right varieties and techniques.

Irish potatoes are not Irish — they are a type of white potato from South American which are forever associated with an infamous potato-disease famine in Ireland.

Now is the time to order the seed potatoes. Some of the things you could be doing now include growing leafy greens and planting garlic, onions, bulbs, and Christmas potatoes.

Have a read and enjoy getting things done in the crisp Autumn air. I was just reading about fall plantings, wondering if anyone does it and how well it works? Do not confuse seed potatoes with potato seeds or grocery produce. Hope this helps. Pick autumn berries to make Hedgerow Jelly.

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Thank you! Privacy Policy. Just yesterday I opened up my potato tower because it looked pathetic. Find more tips on getting potatoes ready for the root cellar. Winter or fall planting Now take a look at winter or fall planting.