Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove

Jacquemart Aston Harebourg is the designer of the Water Clock, a device created for the purpose of minimizing the harsh winters of Frigost Frigost would rival Amakna in terms of agricultrual power if not for said winters. Take care Wakfu Family! Rapunzel Hair: When he contacts King Rushu to explain, the other demons can't stop berating and belittling him, finally demanding he release another Shushu and let HER take over the operation something the other Shushu had been pushing for to get the glory for herself.

A prominent figure of Wakfu lore since the beginning. Made of Indestructium: She later showed her skills when her father and the other members of the Brotherhood were being held captive by Count Harebourg.

Wrath of Yugo. Try to think of a "memorable" way to destroy it. My little sister really loves this guy and I've grown quite fond of him myself anyways here he is!

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Now there is a spoiler alert on the fourth illustration so make sure to click at your own risk, but it is such a great piece of art as well:. Yugo and his brother Adamai want to learn of the fate of their people and use the Eliacube to find out what happened, only to summon another Eliatrope, Qilby. He was established as the strongest of the group by Grougaloragran. Let's start from the beginning! Defeats the brotherhood and Phaeris easily.

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Among the Twelve Guardians of the Months, he's the only Shushu. Brave and loyal, Percedal never shies from battle or adventure, especially when he's protecting his friends. Artifact Title: For some reason my favorite characters are pretty much assholes. But entrusts Goultard, returned from the Shukrute, with the godly powers and responsibilities. Percedal is a teenage Iop, lean muscled with orange hair somewhat shaped like a flame, he wears black pants and a long sleeveless white shirt with a red symbol on both the front and back, and matching shoes.

Grougaloragran's Eliatrope sibling, first appearing early in season two when along with Grougal's reincarnated form he hatches from their Dofus as a result of Yugo and Adamai's experiments with the Eliacube; spends the rest of the season being cared for by Alibert. Djaul A major Shushu and Rushu's most trusted minion, he's the Guardian in charge of the month of Decendre, as well as being the founder of Brakmar, the oldest of the 12 Guardians and essentially Rushu's Dragon on the World of Twelves.

Signup for Paigee News! Select this reward. This lead Percedal to tap into the powers of his ShuShu Rubilax and he quickly became overwhelmed by the influence of it.

This is one of my all time favorite characters! We are offering this add-on for backers who would like to have more than 1 Smug Duck Sticker or simply would like to acquire it separately from a pledge tier. Jiva First appearing as part of Wakfu - she was part of Dofus lore since the beginning in the Manga, Jiva is the guardian of Cold and Winter and protector of the month of Javian the Krosmos equivalent of January.

Makes affable comments on Jiva's garden while beating her to a pulp after having her immobilized. For Yugo, an epic fantasy begins as the fate of the World also depends on the success of his quest!