How to Boost Website Sales – The Complete Checklist

Have people phone for returns — they can then explain the problem to a real person, which is always a good first step. Reducing form fields from 4 to 11 on your pages. Companies see a. What is a Conversion Rate?

15 Psychological Triggers to Convert Leads into Customers

So give your audience what they want, the easiest and simplest solution, on the front end and teach them what they need on the back end. They could just as easily have the product available for purchase throughout the year, but that would fail to employ the novelty and scarcity triggers, which in turn increase their sales.

What we buy and who we are and Joshua Glen conducted an experiment where they bought hundreds of cheap thrift store items to see if they could sell them by using the power of stories. The closer you get to closing the sale, the less things you should have on your screen. I have found this little article to be very useful. You have to keep following up or getting them back to your website.

How much does that make you want to open the card? What Is Hot Off the Press? In a lot of cases the best way to increase sales is to avoid one at first. When you look at the stat before this one, it becomes clear where the problem lies.

How to Boost Website Sales - The Complete Checklist

Those stats are mind blowing. So that is where you as a business owner need to venture into. Showing a privacy policy and explaining shipping procedures clearly can also help the user to trust you. There are many ways to make a person feel valued. Opt-in Forms. We were more than happy with our laptops. Information articles, advice, reviews and so on all help the user early in their buying process.

Offer Different Payment Options It might sound obvious, but you should offer the user a reasonable selection of methods of payment. They have just taken me to point Y.

In contrast, to use the pain motivator, show your prospects all the dangers in the road from A to Z and how your product is the weapon they need to defeat those dangers. Remember to state your advantages subtly; rubbishing a competitor makes you look bad. Scrutinize every form field and ask yourself if it really belongs there. Even their testimonial is a reflection of this pain that they know their audience has experienced. They go for the email first:.

Austin, TX Europe Office: One of the biggest mistakes sites make is asking for too much information.

The Driving Forces of All Human Behavior All human behavior, at its root, is driven by the need to avoid pain and the desire to gain pleasure. What does the future hold? Without a documented strategy how will you continue to make gains when someone leaves the team? Will she like it? The top performing websites have conversion rates of anywhere to times the average.

The media. Build Anticipation Ever notice how hundreds of people line up for any new Apple product before it is even released? Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience.

Or simply tap on your file to open it in your default file viewer.

Chief of which is asking for too much information.