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Cranky Kong Damage taken. Power-up barrels scattered throughout levels let you pick between assistant Diddy, who lets you float after a jump; Dixie, who floats and lifts after a jump; and Cranky. Yoshi , Super Smash Bros.

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Roll into him during this window of opportunity three times in order to take him down. Heart Boost: To defeat him, you can use a can cane pogo, throw something on him, or ground-pound nearby to get him to drop the spear.

Horn Top Hop Then, when Fugu starts rolling around, dash into its bum to damage it. Use Dixie's ponytail propeller to reach the portal, then hit the secret slot barrel inside. Version History Latest article published February 23, Cane Swipe Cranky only: Opening lyrics of "if I die where he be" paint a glum picture from the off, so it's no surprise 'Rocco' descends into four minutes of ragged and erratic chaos.

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Eventually, a Hootz hatchling will appear so jump on it and pick it up then throw it at Skowl when he descends to the side of the arena. Feedback lets me know exactly how helpful I have been, and for what reasons I have or haven't been helpful. Frequently Asked Questions Green Balloon: This subtype of tucks carry a spear in front of them, which repel any rolling attack from the front.

Fish Poker Pops: Do as you did before and wait for the inevitable slide attack.

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Kids love it and it is definitely a Hop into the first barrel to get started. At the bottom, you will fall into a pool of water, introducing the new swimming sections in this game.

For this fight, summon Dixie Kong to help you. It takes a lot of coins, luck, and patience to collect them all!