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I have a sick headache. The Bewitched Cookbook: They'll hear you. Submit Send in community announcements, new tips, weddings, engagements and anniversaries. From , Lorne was seen as perpetually confused junior high school English teacher Mrs.

You cured his rash? Her acting career began with training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and performances in stock theatre in Connecticut. I'll have a little talk with Aunt Clara after dinner. Now, your room is the second on the left. It is not clear when Marion changed her surname from MacDougall to Lorne.

But don't spread it around. Well, it keeps me out of the pool halls. Stephens cook it for you? Post to Cancel. What is it? After appearing in a couple of Vitaphone shorts, including Success starring Jack Haley, she made her feature film debut in her late 60s in Strangers on a Train , directed by Alfred Hitchcock. He looks terrible. Want awesome questions by email? In Lorne made a brief appearance in the movie The Graduate where she can be spotted at the wedding reception with Alice Ghostley.

Lorne turned bumbling into an art form with her portrayal of loveable Aunt Clara. Sam has done it all. Lorne moved back to the United States after her husband's passing. Email him at Bkashatus luzerne.

In Bewitched what did dopey Aunt Clara collect? Yahoo Answers

In high school, we had a substitute teacher who was Ms. Oh, he's probably in the last stages of malnutrition. She's just not herself, that's all. Despite Lorne's age, she was able to do the physical comedy that Bewitched required just as she had done throughout her career.

She found her calling in stock theater in Connecticut.

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While her year of birth is listed as on her tombstone, it was usually listed as when she was alive and the Social Security Death Index lists it as The same house was used for the film Gidget, while the facade of the home also appeared in different series like I Dream of Jeannine and Dennis the Menace.

Now, Darrin. Just like butter. I hope she hasn't let him lose weight. No, I don't. Do you understand what I'm saying, Aunt Clara? What is it, Samantha? Ghostley and Lorne in The Graduate. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. How can you be so sure? Go away, chickie.