We can grab Koa from the hotel and head out. I slam the door before he can say anything else and throw my hand up in a wave as I make my way up to the front door.

(Wrecked, #1) Stoned - Mandi Beck

I need to find Wills. My shoulders relax and I smile. The loss of each affecting me in some God damn way. Mine was missing this trip.

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Archive 2 months ago. You sure are full of yourself. The way he talks, the way he sings, even the way he moves. We lived and breathed music for so long and then even that changed.

God, do I want it to be. The soft smell of her skin. Unknown 3 months ago. The best way to get introduced to physics!! Calling for me. He was so sure you were at home waiting.

Today families and friends came in. The empty house. The strange cities, cramped tour bus with five guys. Words meant to hurt but that were in no way true. Has there been new news from the guy Addy hired? Take your time and get to know him. Stone sits with his legs spread wide, tee shirt stretched across his chest, his hair falling into his face and covering his eye, teasing the corner of his mouth.

The children all join in either singing along or playing their own mini guitars, triangles, and even a couple maracas in the mix.

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The music therapy program can always use the help. Many other things can be done at enntertainment level. I feel like every note I write is full of anger. The Nix Nathan Hill. I lived with and loved one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. I just grunt and lift my chin in acknowledgement. I owe them so much and yet they ask for nothing. No laptop.