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Newsletter Podcasts RSS. Packers find margins to be continually squeezed as cutout prices floundered this week. The devaluation of the peso has made Mexican beef a bargain. January 1 Cattle on Feed report on February 22 originally scheduled for January And calf prices are less than half of what they were two years ago.

Cattle prices crash on Plains drought. Arctic Warming and growing Australia dryness

View details. As the late spring feeders contracts move premium to the spot March, it will pull many feedlots into the market today for replacements rather than wait and pay more later. In the fall of , cattle prices hit record highs due to a lack of inventory, leading many ranchers to acquire more land and invest in producing more animals.

Share stories with your friends via text, email or Twitter. Livestock Outlook Radio Program. Light snow in the evening will give way to some clearing overnight. Ranchers with low debts are likely to survive, but those with high debts are at risk, Mr. Manage followed notifications.

Cattle prices crash The Singleton Argus

Choice Cutout Choice Price Change Close Get email notifications on David Erickson daily! Please enter text you see below: There are ways around cash reporting and it is always difficult to read behind the scene for signals of the size of inventories on hand by the packers. The result was a cut in demand and prices for several months. In The Cattle Markets: Good receipts found good demand as most classes of cattle moved higher.

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In The Cattle Markets Livestock Marketing Information Center

Low 16F. Thanks for being a subscriber. Digital Plus E-Edition. Meatpackers had not responded Wednesday to the Senate request of an investigation.

Events Guide Television Theater Video: Corn basis information is based on current trade prices adjusted every two weeks.