He asks for a minute alone to pray. President of the Grim Bastards MC.

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He obliges by shooting her in the back of the head. Respected businessman in Charming. Employed at a pet store. Troubled boy who stole Arcadio's gun and shot up his school. Cross as retribution for Lander Jackson. Calavera Sgt. According to the CIA, it is. She puts out her joint and goes to the boys. Kurt Sutter has received a ridiculous amount of fan questions during his WTFSutter video blog regarding the homeless woman.

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Has a dislike for Jax and the Sons and makes it known. He leaves before she can say another word to talk to Unser. Backed by Mayor Hale. Romeos right hand man.

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Renny gets blown away with a sawed off shotgun on his sofa by Bobby and set up to take the fall for hitting Lins crew. Latino thug under Fiasco. Piney mentioned at one point that he rode his minimum simply to keep his voting privileges and he was shown to only be able to ride a three-wheeler yet was still allowed to vote. Opie takes a lead pipe to the back of the head, and is beaten to death by the 4 inmates, by orders of Pope, who wanted a dead son.

Tortured, beaten but forever loyal. Jax's First son.

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Bohai Lin is shot by Happy as retribution for being his hostage. A van pulls up beside them and a machine gun with an arm at the other end shoots them.

Tara cuts Gemma out of their lives forever, and this time she is completely justified. Nero needs to get rid of Dante and his dog fights and enlists the Sons for help.

Partnered with Deputy Martinez. Tara has a full day planned, first on her to-do list is to meet with a woman from Providence Hospital in Oregon. Eli wants real justice, like with a real judge and handcuffs and stuff, so Jax has to bring the evidence to the police when he gets it.

Toric falls to the floor and Otto follows him. Full name Kenny Burke. Luisa gets her throat slit with a broken mirror by Tara during an escape attempt. Develops a romantic relationship with Tig. Good reasons! Les Packer: Tara is having her arm ultrasounded and Gemma is at work. Luanne Delaney is beaten to death and dumped outside town, in season 4, we learned Georgie Caruso was responsible for her death. Made president after Salazar was excommuicated.

Clay just wanted to let Tig know how appreciated he is and then remind him that Pope burned his daughter alive.