Final Fantasy X - Character Analysis (Wakka)

Blood Pain. I'll keep this thread open for now until i have actually obtained it. Thanks again for the quick responses and help! S Tokamak - S Cyclotrone. Also it's five times straight after the tournament becomes unavailable, so be careful.

Retrieved from " https: However, the Aurochs Reels is not necessarily bound by this. Thus, he has a very high accuracy rate.

Maelstrom - Ray. Game specific abilities. Or get wakka's capture weapon so that you are taking care of something else at the same time. I've caught ten monsters from every area except Sin and Omega Ruins.

Eternal Wind. Log in Register. Once you have Aurochs, the sigil will be the prize for your next League.

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Meteor Javelin - Ultima Arrow. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? I disagree. If all three are different, Wakka just attacks at random, but with more attack power than a normal attack.

Secrets and Sidequests. So yes, you would have to lose on purpose which can be hard if your stats are too good.

Marriage Scene spoilers. It's gotta show up at some point! If three similar icons I. Tsuruke posted Resetting the Blitzball data normally does not affect the prizes you may have accumulated other than techniques so there is probably no help there either.