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It's quite sad, especially with photos of small children who have recently died. Know any other songs by Radiohead? General Comment To me this song is the very definition of the word "existential". More Radiohead Lyrics. High and Dry Radiohead. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

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Flag ybatec on December 15, Because it's kind of a blatant rip. Log in to add a tag. The first single from 's Hail To The Thief has also become a live favorite over the past decade, though it requires three-fifths of the band to be on drum duty in order to properly pull it off.

The first notes of it are guaranteed to send any crowd at a Radiohead show into absolute hysterics. The guitar is no longer the dominant instrument.

How to Disappear Completely

This is definitely the inspiration of the song. How to Disappear Completely Songtext von Radiohead. Yorke says it's been so long that the song almost feels like a cover song at this point. Yes, I know this is a term overused by pseudo-intellectuals, but I feel it's the best single word to encapsulate this song.

Radiohead - How to disappear completely lyrics + Greek translation

I would sign it. Your interpretation. This song is about dissociation. An early version of the song was premiered on that tour, but they finished it in the studio when the tour wrapped up.

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What am I doing on this earth? The History of Popular Music Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. No Replies Log in to reply. Get MP3 from Amazon. Nowadays, Kid A sounds like Aqualung next to some of Radiohead's more recent efforts.


Flag ThierryHenryyy on January 30, Comfortably Numbish It really just makes you forget anything that's been bothering you. There's Your Cue, Audience! By "real world" I mean to fit back into society as a happy, functioning individual with goals, aspirations, a future in sight. It's in the scene where Cher comes home and finds her step-brother and future boyfriend Josh in her house. Song Instruments: It's been replaced by Yorke's piano work.

On Off. Ironically, Radiohead has previously been on the end of such a suit over the same song. Italian Zidanie5. No video yet. That there, that's not me. Log in. Radiohead Fans Also Like: