Butter versus “Healthier” Butter-like Spreads: Choose Nature over Industry

If you have to have a cookie, eat this one! Raw Almonds: You had us at stuffed sweet potatoes and goat cheese.

Unsalted Butter in Half Sticks Land O'Lakes

Buy them by the jar. Or try the new Deli Flats from Pepperidge Farm. Take a look at their list of foods you should skip -or pick - at a mall, restaurant, or grocery store.

Diners and bloggers alike were outraged by the fried-onion Chili's appetizer, the Awesome Blossom. This meal puts them at half of that, with more fat than a grown adult needs in a day.

Cream Cheese Nutrition: Calories, Carbs, and Health Benefits

Looking for some inspiration? This packable classic never goes out of style, but the traditional version often tops calories. For an alternative--but equally decadent--breakfast treat, one glazed donut is a better bet: And bananas are great for traveling, since their skin protects them and keeps them fresh.

All too often muffins lead to muffin-tops—AKA that bulging flab that hangs over the side of your pants—but this is one baked good recipe, we couldn't resist. Avoid high-fat butter flavors and season with grated Parmesan instead. A desirable frying oil, for instance, should be low in linolenic acid and adequate in linoleic acid for high stability and high intensity of fried flavors.

But if you are looking for a sweet snack there, avoid the pastry case and high-fat coffee drinks at all costs! Ok, we admit it. Hitting a plateau with your body goals?

Cream Cheese Nutrition Facts

One muffin: The tiny snack, often found in vending machines, contains nearly three times as much Unsalted butter Wholesome farm. Twelve almonds and an orange make a great balanced on-the-go snack. Nutritional information for a one ounce serving: Get the recipe from Cotter Crunch. One "Gotta Have It" Coldstone speak for "large": Jazz it up by tossing it with some lemon juice and sliced black olives they add about 40 calories.