Function generator

If a sine look-up table is used, the phase accumulator computes a phase angle address for the look-up table, which outputs the digital value of amplitude—corresponding to the sine of that phase angle—to the DAC.

It's also Windows only. Any help with this would be great. Most of it is pretty obvious though: Saying he uses his phone is no excuse for that.

B&K Precision B DDS Function Generator - TestEquity

Check the following video for device operation. Figure 6 shows an example of the relationship between the mark-space data and the transmitted signal. Vp-p can be any value between mV to mV. But this thing actually performs quiet well. Works great, easy too use, lots of features.

Fluke U DDS Function Generator with ARB

The binary number in the frequency register provides the main input to the phase accumulator. Thanks Roberto 8 months ago. PSoC Creator 4. If the product description had been more concise I would not have wasted my time ordering it!

DDS Function Generator

I have used this unit standalone only so far and have not used it as a USB host or device yet so I can't comment on that. I returned this unit to Amazon and got a refund. But the DDS technique is rapidly gaining acceptance for solving frequency- or waveform generation requirements in both communications and industrial applications because single-chip IC devices can generate programmable analog output waveforms simply and with high resolution and accuracy.

Output wavef Arbitrary waveform generator Digital pattern generator Function generator Sweep generator Signal generator Video-signal generator. That makes the instrument harder to use and less intuitive than those more expensive ones with bigger displays and more buttons. Scan clock Noisy as Sin The package duly arrived, and inside was the unit itself with no power supply or instructions.

DDS Function Generator - Electronics-Lab

I'm a retired engineer, I use it for hobby work to test designs. Scope seemed to be calibrated ok at. I did my due diligence on function generators that were currently on the market and I liked the specs on the Siglent the best. It is possible to use two single DDS devices that operate on the same master clock to output two signals whose phase relationship can then be directly controlled.

I got one of these about years ago around the time I did the reverse engineering and re-writing of the firmware and I PCB in your one looks a lot cheaper, many of the parts also look cheap.

This is a very well made and versatile unit!

DDS Generator

You can also use Channel 2 as a very nice frequency counter. Frequency counter seems ok. Google for the model number for more info.

Spurious-Free Dynamic Range SFDR refers to the ratio measured in decibels between the highest level of the fundamental signal and the highest level of any spurious, signal—including aliases and harmonically related frequency components—in the spectrum. Amazed at how well this thing works!