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Practical wisdom requires recognition of past failures in agriculture to better attain a more sustainable agricultural system. Say It With Science!

For example, Nepal has implemented greenhouses to deal with its high altitude and mountainous regions. In some cases even a small unit of aquaculture is also included in this number AARI We can now implement this capability to enhance agricultural production both in Australia and in our region.

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Why We Should Invest More in the Transition to Sustainable Agriculture The science of agroecology can transform the way we grow our food in a more sustainable direction. Many would be both surprised and fascinated to know just how sophisticated agricultural science has become and the role it plays in delivering the strong and prosperous Australia of the future.

Lal, R. Is your feedback about: Photo credit: Solid Earth. For example, row crops are planted after grains in order to balance the used nutrients.

The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Farming

A key theme connecting many of these practices is diversification. Over the next decade we should build management, regulatory and support structures that allow us to capitalise on this international interest and build strong multinational research programs that can not only support food security in our region but also ensure our farmers have access to the latest technologies.

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While all parts of the world with human population need food to survive, many of these places are located in climates that make food production difficult. In Europe, one such tool is a geo-spatial data system called SoilConsWeb [29] which is being developed to inform soil conservation minded decision making within agricultural sectors and other areas of land management.

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What Is Sustainable Agriculture?

Agriculture today is a very sophisticated and highly technical industry, and in Australia it has been one of our most innovative and efficient industries. Improvements in water well drilling technology and submersible pumps , combined with the development of drip irrigation and low-pressure pivots, have made it possible to regularly achieve high crop yields in areas where reliance on rainfall alone had previously made successful agriculture unpredictable.

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One such initiative is sustainable farming. Counting on Agroecology: Food Policy. Integrating livestock and crops.