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There was full power to the lights and interior. Find More Posts by Frost Unless you leave it parked for 10 years.

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Despite fairly warm weather for the UK the car could sit with the fans on indefinitely without a problem. It sounds like either that computer is malfunctioning or the sensors are giving it bad readings causing it to occasionally crank longer than it needs to.

Aug Location: Troubleshoot the problem by identifying the elements that turn the belt and making sure they are in working order. NAPA too. Related Articles. Terry, Thanks for your question about your Malibu!

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Originally Posted by imadigitalgod. It could also be due to a bad fuel pump causing low fuel pressure or your ignition system if it is a gasoline powered truck. But no lower than Hi I have a BMW i e60 with the m54 engine same as the older e39 We replaced the starter last week as it stopped altogether and that sorted it out however when we start the car, it fires up first time no problem however where it would crank 3 times automatically still does at random times it would crank 8 maybe 9 times automatically before starting Rang up the same garage to make sure all connections were made back properly and assured me nothing to do with workmanship Could this be spark plugs or something?

Hot Network Questions. In older model vehicles, engines often came equipped with multiple belts that each powered a different accessory. Different exposures in various climates Try cleaning the connections or checking or frayed or broken wires.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Locate the alternator or serpentine belt.

The bad thing is the store we got it from that was the last one and had to goto another advance to trade them out which sucks for me cause I had to swap the thing out twice. In addition to that, greyish smoke comes out of the exhaust for about a minute, and then just disappears.

Audiophyle EOC Rank: Different vehicles have different sized belts and installing the wrong size could result in failing to power the accessories or even damage to the engine.

BlueDevil Products: Originally Posted by srs. Cookies make wikiHow better. Any suggestions appreciated!