You can blame Club Nintendo surveys for the lack of story in Sticker Star because that's what Miyamoto cited when asked.

Effect Member Jun 29, Are we being serious here? Karl Marx. When I talk to a child now, I'm lucky to find one who doesn't cite Halo or COD as his favorite game or the Xbox as his favorite console. The rest of NoA?

Nintendo's Iwata: "I don't recall saying I'd resign." Page 9 NeoGAF

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The Kyoto-based company hence ends up totally isolated and powerless to compete. Rare exceptions aside, whole librairies of games sell systems, and nothing else. I honestly think this is why Iwata named himself CEO of NoA was because he wanted to play a more direct role in building executive capacity and ensuring that NoA was in position to succeed.

Ultimately, Switch can only shatter on the AAA wall, the heart of the industry on which it has no reach. It has created a two-tiered public education system, with high performing magnet schools at one end and a mass of so-called failing schools at the other. Just as important, test scores do not really measure learning anyway.

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Nintendo's Iwata: "I don't recall saying I'd resign."

The business panels are just the record industry trying to talk itself into believing it still exists. The launch line-up is downright ridiculous: The entire gaming world had hold its breath for months, but now everybody has shown his hand.

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April 4 is one of the saddest days of the year. Thanks, Chris ——————————————————————————————- April Art is always both, because the act of art is self-expression, which is the act of expressing the self in flux — in change. Another parameter of growing importance: Subscriptions are free. But letter having twice more revenues, we can conclude that the Kyoto-based firm spends less in its activities. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

In your world, they would have abandoned a few of the ideas above, and gone to the West where there were two camps: Great post, tehrik!