It went through the wash. Is it fixable?

That is a good way to fry the device before you even get a chance to dry it out. Try to power the device on. This is needed to be able to dry effectively at all.

The screen won't light up on my ipod, but

No I didn't get it wet. My ipod fell in the pool but i forgot to turn it off, i got a blower to make it dry,it is still working but then it is black, i can see the screen but it is black if you look closely you can see the apps , what should i do?

No posts about bugs in beta software. Just get it dry as possible with a towel. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6. Thank you for your feedback!

Fix Your Ipod or You Iphone If You Get It Wet

Never turn it on: Joe A: Not against him, accidents do happen, but at the fact that my 3 year apple care plan does not cover water spilled. I have a 2nd Gen iPod Touch which keeps crashing in warm conditions.

Keep it there for a couple of days in the warmth of the bulb. I left my ipod in the bathroom while taking a shower and the steam got into my ipod!! The best and safest method to saving a wet iPhone is just to let it dry out naturally. Even though it got dried it's a good idea to take a blow dryer on low setting and dry the internal parts, that has worked for me in saving my electronics in the past.

Leave it in the bag for a couple of days. If you're buying a used iPhone or iPod or lent your device to someone and now it's not working so well, you may wonder if it got submerged in water.

An iPod Survives The Washing Machine :

Actually the announcement starts at 10am PST Wipe off any excess water. Filed under: JJ Treadway. My son left me a note with my wet IPod. Its highly likely you'll be purchasing a new Ipod. Along the same lines, I was in Haiti last week and it was F with a heat index much higher.

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I'm sure if Apple was willing to pay they would have kept making them. The more drying air that gets inside the wet iPhone, the better. Do you think its saveable? Did you remove the battery and dry out the innards as much as possible before putting it in the rice? I left it there all day and later that evening put everything back together and powered on.