How Can I Find My Refrigerant Leak?

Also, Red Angel will not clog or damage the recovery unit.

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Just blows out normal air, which in this weather is quite hot and unpleasant. Car overheating and leaking If the truck is leaking after a radiator replacement then something may be loose. CA and this stuff fit the bill. There are many different type of refrigerants used depending on the system, and surprisingly enough the air conditioning system in your car actually works much like the system in your refrigerator.

You may top if off with refrigerant after the product has been added.

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The AC in my Ford E lost the charge over the winter. This is where the magic happens. Very pleased with this product. I have tried to charge it again and same thing happened.

Will that blue devil stuff help me at all?

Now it has been another 6 years and the evaporator may be leaking again. The system is at zero pressure.

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Pet Supplies. The receiver or dryer is found on vehicles with a thermal expansion valve. If you still cannot find a leak then the system will have to be checked with an electronic leak checker by charging the system and checking the evaporator drain and all the other components. Various YouTube vids said the AC compressor knows not to run if the refrigerant is low. The only trace of the dye was right at the connection point and was, in essence, overspray from connecting and disconnecting the can.

But I can tell ya if it does work then thats awesome and youve saved some major coin!

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The same company makes an 'industrial' or 'high performance' version of this refrigerant, but for some reason it requires costly HazMat shipping charges, which make it really pricey.

The symptom that I saw was that I'd recharge the system with a can of RA, and two days later, the system wouldn't blow cold anymore. It's easy enough to use. This working fluid, or refrigerant, needs to remain a liquid or expand into a gas at just the right temperatures and pressures to make sure the equipment is kept safe in your air condition system and the heat transfer process actually takes place.

AC is leaking RA but no dye can be found anywhere Passat

You may have to bypass the low pressure cutout to get it to come on. Used on Chevy Trailblazer after Replacement of the shredded core valves also purchased in Amazon. I even switched out my home system to their R product. No guesswork.

What happened? Hot Network Questions. One thing to note, it might be posted somewhere i didn't see, but a 6oz can is equal to I think 18 oz of r and 14 oz of a.